Building Dotgraf

Working abroad is mind opening though more important than the personal growth experience, is what you do with the knowledge acquired. After being Art Director at Boomerang – now Accenture – started rebuilding Dotgraf from Design Studio into Digital Agency back in 2016 as well as growing our team. Why back to Porto? Because Porto is an inspiring city, which I’m proud to be from and design action in Portugal is only happening here. So the challenge has been to create a steady growth focused on delivering the highest quality to our clients and building foundations, because we’re here for the long run. 2019 was another great year for Dotgraf! I mean, the team is working better than ever, new partner Art Director Susana Espadilha joined us and the projects are super interesting from France, Switzerland, Spain, to our Portuguese clients and awesome projects for growing base of French entrepreneurs based in Porto… This points a steady growth and direction to the future, what we’ve dreamed for Dotgraf, a Porto’s design studio. Amazing times for sure!